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What makes a restaurant truly special? Some say it's about having the freshest ingredients. Others say it depends on the creativity of the chef. Still others say it’s the marriage of a magical atmosphere with impeccable cuisine. We say “yes” to all of that. But above all, it has to do with giving diners what they really want: a magical dining experience on every level.

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Upcoming Events at Restaurant 17

Date Event
1/8 - 1/18 Restaurant Week
1/20 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
1/27 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
2/3 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
2/10 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
2/14 Valentine's Day Dinner
2/17 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
2/24 Cena Italiana (Italian Dinner)
2/26 17 Wines Launch Dinner (Details coming soon!)

World-Class Cuisine Fueled By Local Ingredients

Chef Adam Cooke has a passion for combining traditional cooking methods with innovative techniques—using only the freshest seasonal ingredients. The result is a culinary experience that reaches artistic levels.

"My goal is to make the cuisine at Restaurant 17 a local expression of the finest international dishes, just as George and Rich have made Hotel Domestique an extension of their international heritage and experience."

--Chef Adam